Botox boob job


The Botox Boob Job

I recently read an interesting article in the Daily Mail about the latest non surgical enhancement available at a Harley Street Clinic. The Botox Breast Lift. Apparently, the painless procedure can lift your breasts up to 3cm instantly, with no downtime or side effects.

Sounds too good to be true! Previously, anyone with droopy boobs would have to go under the knife for a full mastopexy (breast lift) which costs thousands, now they can just spend a few hundred on botox instead. Can it really work? Normally, botox is injected into the muscles to freeze them and this in turn smoothes out any lines or wrinkles. With this method, the botox is injected into the skin, and not the muscles, so that the tiny muscles and fibres found in the skin tighten up and in doing so, will tone and lift the skin. Although results are seen instantly, the full effect is visible after a few days and will last around 6 months. Ideally, this treatment works best on smaller, saggy breasts; anything larger than a 34C and it is doubtful it will work.

The Botox Breast Lift was first presented at the 2009 World Conference of Cosmetic and Anti-ageing Medicine in Monte Carlo, and was pioneered by a Thai dermatologist. I think, if I was seriously considering a breast lift, I would probably give it a go. After all, I would rather try a few harmless botox injections than go under the knife, but, I’d have to see the results first before I was convinced.

If you are interested, contact the Wimpole Skincare Centre in Harley Street. The procedure is priced at £700.