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ESVIE LOVES: Nicoles Green Shadow Eyes

Sabina McIvor, Editor of ESVIE and Professional Makeup Artist

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Last night Nicole Scherzingers makeup was just stunning. Stepping out on the stage on last nights XFactor results show, Nicole blinked once and revealed a shade of bottle green upon her lids, deepened with the traditional black smoke in the corner of her eyes.

Naturally beautiful it doesnt take much for this Hawaian goddess to scrub up, but with her dark latino looks, Nicole wears this green shade which only ehances her dark golden colouring even more.

This look is probably easier to achieve than you think. Build up the colour on the lid of the your eye. dab a lighter shade in the inner corners of your eye and a darker shade on the outer corners of your eye. It may take a bit of practise but give it a try. It can suit anyone no matter what colour eyes, hair or skin, its just a case of getting the right shade of green.

Shade options

Maybelline: Edgy Emerald

Maxfactor: Olive Leaf

Rimmel Glam Eyes HD: Green Park