Illamasqua cosmetics – what do we really think?



FINALY ITS HERE. A make-up brand oozing with creativity who really care about who you are and who you want to be, rather than just selling you a pretty pink lipstick that will ‘suit you’ like EVERY OTHER BRAND.

If you feel like your alter ego is screaming to get out then you need to start expressing yourself. Using make-up is the perfect way to do that and there is no better way than exploring the world of Illamasqua….

The Colour Intense, long lasting and truly professional brand has been hitting our high streets filling the public with a sense of creativity and excitement. Illamasqua’s mission is to provide professional, high performance make-up to anyone who wants to self express and accentuate their look beyond the norm.

Every piece from the range has its own enchanting characteristics and is packed full of pigment making it long lasting and rich in colour.

Pop in to your nearest Illamasqua counter and discover your alter ego. I promise you will be as mesmerized about the make-up as I am!

My top 5 Pieces I cannot be without:

Rich liquid foundation:

Med/Full coverage. Covers every blemish, gives an incredibly flawless finish yet does not look like you have a truck load of make-up on. Never cakes and stays ALL DAY!!!  I always use this in my make-up kit for Photoshoots!

Satin Prima:

I have tried a lot of primers in my time and have never found they make a huge difference. Until now. The Illamasqua satin primer is like an injection of youth. It helps the foundation to blend perfectly whilst making it longer lasting. You are left with beautiful, flawless glowing, dewy skin that makes you look as fresh as a daisy.

Pigment: Static

We all love a bit of sparkle! Illamasqua’s pigment in ‘Static’ is white in colour with teeny weeny sparkles of pink and purple. You have so see it to understand how beautiful it really is!

Powdered metal: Thalia

A big pot of perfection. This loose bronzing powder is so versatile and can be used ANYWHERE on the face or body. Dust all over your body to transform yourself into  bronzed goddess, use as a highlighter, eyeshadow, bronzer, shimmer…. The list goes on and on. You can even mix it with clear nail varnish to create beautiful shimmery golden nails.

Intense lipgloss: Petulant

All of the intense lipglosses are a cross between a high pigmented lipstick and the glossiest of gloss’s you will of ever come across! You get the intense colour that you would from a lipstick yet they are packed full of juicy gloss that lasts for hours!!! Petulant is a beautiful deep fruity pink shade which also makes your teeth look ultra white!!