Winter style!


Natalia Maxwell, Professional Hair Artist

I was all for centre partings this year and thought how grand they looked, and they still do…but I have decided that before the summer ends we need to unleash the girlieness in ourselves, and big messy side partings, flicked over hair is definitely the way forward. It also means rather than rushing back form the beach to spend 30 minuets sweating in order to dry your hair we can slip away from the beach, pop our heads up side down, apply a small hand full of scrunch it into our hair, head flicked back and we are raring to go, I mean we are on our holidays after all, I think effortless hair we so deserve.


I was back stage two weeks ago styling the hair for London’s graduate fashion week at Earls Court. AMAZING I cant wait for next issue so I can update you on all the up and coming trends and to give you the low down on the fashion hair trends which we will all be sure to follow next season.

Regards to the hair one of the key styles was long hair, quite smooth through the back but all the front was combed back of the face, so at the root area it was stiff to the head then left to fall through the back….nice!

I now want to take you back to the plait. This time the side plait. Most of you can plait I’m sure, and just to make the plait appear a bit different I’m thinking to pull all your hair to one side and plait it, then gently pull random loose bits of hair out to give it more of a soft hippy look…very girly indeed! Then to jazz it up a little bit, those amazing feathers on rope (there every where at the mo in all the shops) they are wicked and give a great effect and it’s a simple way of glamming up your style and giving it that boho feel.

Talking about boho, so many festivals are coming up and to get you in the festival mood and give you that chic festive feel here’s this months up do:


1: Towel dry hair; scrunch a small amount of CURL CANDY into the middle and the ends of the hair. Tip head upside down and use a hair dryer whilst scrunching your hair in your hands to take the excess water off the hair.

2: Tip your head back to normal and dry your hair slightly more but leaving it still a little damp so it naturally dries with a kink and wave to it.

3: Randomly pick out 4 or 5 small sections of hair and roughly plait them, do this sporadically throughout the hair.

4: Tip your head upside down again, scrunch a tiny bit more of the Curl Candy and shake hair about to mess it up a tad.

5: Last but not least get a nice head band or rope with feathers on and tie it around your head to give it that real chic boho look-beaut!!!!!

Next season you can all look forward to my Autumn/Winter input, look forward to updating you soon.