Should you do a hair combination or blend?


Natalia Maxwell, Professional Hair Artist

Spring is finally here and with summer just around the corner, gosh it’s so exciting!!

Since I last wrote I have been doing some presenting work. It’s been fab!!!!  I have been educating groups of about 150 people on L’Oreal’s new trends collection for spring/summer 2010.

So I have lots of info for you all!

I have also been on holiday and making notes of how the sun worshippers around the pool and the beach junkies are coping with there manes this season and more to the point is the styles I’m predicting hot and being used around the globe??


I know I said this in my last article but you must, must, must warm your colour up.

Whether you are a Combination client or a Blend, there’s so many different techniques and tones to suit you all.

Combination or Blend???

To work out what’s best for your skin tone and best in bringing out all your features answer these few questions and it will make life so easy for you when it comes to choosing colours and ideas for highlights/lowlights which ever it may be.:

If you have light hair, light eyes and fair skin you are a Blend client.

You are suited to either one tone all over or very soft high/low lights, nothing that’s contrasting as your skin, hair and eye tone are all in the same lightness so they blend together.

This applies to medium hair colours also, like light brown, medium eye tone and skin as well as darker hair, darker eyes and skin tones.

If you have light blonde hair but medium blue eyes and fair skin, or brown hair, medium green eyes and dark skin your are known as a Combination client.

Your skin tone and hair and eyes are all contrasting. So regards to colour you need a combination of tones so that it evens out your hair, skin and eye tone complexion.

You can still go for a lovely all over colour, but by adding some stronger coloured or contrasting colours through out the hair as well as the all over colour, this would give the finishing touches!! Beautiful darling!!