The perfect coloured smokey eye



Vamp up that traditional black smokey eye by adding or using a different colour. Greens, blues and purples will all work with this fancy new style.

The smokey eye is by far the most popular style of eye makeup that my clients ask about; how to apply it and if it will suit them.

Now, thanks to the new coloured smokey eye, you can have it as bold or as subtle as you like. Traditionally, the smokey eye was designed to give a deep heavy shadow to the eye using blacks and greys in order to frame them beautifully, resulting in a somewhat striking look.

However, whos to say you cant bend the rules? You can create a just as mesmerizing style by using less obvious colours and shades. Use your highlighter as normal on your brow bone and inner eye, and apply the colour into your eye socket blending inwards to give the perfect shadow. To deepen the colour further, use either a darker shade of the colour you have chosen, or add a little grey shadow or even a soft kohl eyeliner. This can be applied in the outer corner of your top eyelid, and blended gently under your eye also to really make your eyes pop. Remember, the smokey eye allows you to take complete control of just how dark or subtle you want to go. So get practising and enjoy turning those heads because this look never goes out of fashion!