Perfecting your hair on holiday


What I noticed whilst sunning myself up on the beach is the girls seem to have gone to more effort than before in recent years, but they seem to be spending time creating a very undone look.

I covered this before a little in my last article, but I have decided head scarfs are the quick fix that needs to be packed in that suitcase of yours.

The top knot or scruffy bun look is well in and why not tie your headscarf around the bun to give sophistication or even the edgy hippy look.

It’s simple yet effective and this look works well, especially whilst sitting on a lovely beach looking out into the sea.

Whilst the men on the other hand seemed to have made more effort than the women, the tables are really turning!!

I saw a lot of the bowl type hair cut being in place, it’s not something I have ever really liked on a guy but it’s actually a pretty cool look….on men of course.

I’m now waiting for David Beckham to start the trend rolling!!

I’m crowning the style of the month though to the Pageboy cut….seriously its going to be a come back. And if any of you are daring enough to chop those locks and go for the 21st century Pageboy look be sure to email me the pics!