Dracula Therapy – what is it and does it really help for anti-ageing?


No, this is not a script from ‘Twilight’ or ‘True Blood’, Dracula Therapy really does exist and it is the latest treatment in the fight to stop the ageing process. Also known as S3 Therapy, which stands for Stimulated Self Serum Therapy, this procedure was developed by Dr Sister, a French Doctor and Cosmetic Specialist.

As reported in the Daily Mail in November 2009, it is thought that this treatment will stimulate DNA repair, will help to erase scars and speed up skin regeneration. In fact, it is not a new theory; doctors have used this process for over 20 years to help athletes heal quicker and to help treat receding gums. S3 Therapy involves taking vials of your own blood, having your blood separated into red blood cells, a clear serum and platelets, and then once vitamins have been mixed with the serum, this serum is then injected back into your face. This process should be repeated every 4 – 6 months at a cost of around £500 a time.

Does it work? Well, it does give you more radiant skin after a few days, following some discomfort during treatment. Although the potential for this treatment to become as popular as Botox or Fillers is there, more trials need to be done to see if there are any real improvements to skin tone, or if any side effects come to light.

Personally, I think I will be giving this one a miss. It sounds to me a lot like the treatment that took some skin from behind your ear which was converted to a special serum to be injected into your face. This too was meant to reverse the signs of ageing, but it didn’t work and the company have since disappeared. Then again, my motto is ‘don’t knock it till you’ve tried it’ and Dracula Therapy could well turn into the greatest anti-ageing treatment of our time. Only time will tell.