Our friends – do they keep us healthy?

Do our friends keep us healthy?

Did you know that you have more to thank your friends for than you think Let me explain!

recently conducted a research project with psychologist Professor to measure the closeness of people today and the affects it has on us.
Some may argue that Social Networks have phsyically forced us apart, to only communicate via modern technology. Even speaking on the phone is something that just seems to be too much of an effort now!

But fear not, Beattie has proved that being close with our friends is savouring our health! Loneliness can result in comfort eating, smoking, drinking, all in the hope to pass the time and keep ones self occupied. Not to mention that mentally, your health suffers.

Being close with friends helps those happy enzymes flow, keep you on a high of love and happiness. Youre more active, socially secure and confident.

In the bid to keep the world a close network, Nivea have created a campaign called “A ” with of course the trusty Facebook page for you to show off the closeness you have with your family, friends, siblings, pets and not forgetting your loved ones!

All you have to do to take part in this campaign, is visit the Nivea  Facebook page, and get involved with the debate! Why do you think that feeling to your friends and loved ones can leave you on cloud 9? Do you think that friendship is the best Anti Depressant going? Do long distant relationships work? If you have something to say about any of these points, or have your own view you’d like to share, get yourself online now make your feelings heard on this ever important topic!