10 fabulous hair ideas


Fun loving, low maintenance, playful hair:

As I said this season there is 2 main looks regarding hair, maybe I should say categories?!

So you have had my take on glam hair, here the main key things to achieve low maintenance hair!!

I’m imagining a back pack traveller, possibly with tribal and hippy influences, more of a beautiful flow to the hair rather than a set look like the glamorous side of things.

The above looks for short and mid length hair work well in both glamorous and more playful low maintenance hair trends.

The only thing I would add would be hair accessorizes. They are MASSIVE this season.

I use small scarfs and wrap them around my hair it is quick and simple but dresses the look up more.

Riannah looked cool this month being pictured with this scarf in her head. Even Paris Hilton has had the chop, and its dead casual which is what I love the most about it.

Long hair:

You must plait the hair, big messy plaits look cool. I would part your hair in the middle so it’s got that cool hippy feel, the plait either side of the hair parting, just the front sections in front of the ears, and when you put a bobble in the plaits, pull the plait out slightly so it’s softer and messier.

There you have my break down of the two current trends; all you need to do now is decide which kind of girl you are!!

I saw Sassoon’s Autumn/Winter trends at a sneak preview show they put on at there London academy this week. It was fab! Sassoon’s is renowned for its prestigious cuts and quirky dynamic out look into hair cuts.

But the cuts where definitely more structured and short fringes where something I picked up on so next season I am thinking short fringes are the way forward!!

To touch on colour its all about warmth, golden blondes, honey kissed highlights, copper and chestnut browns, you name it. As long as you’re sticking with warmth you’re on the right tracks!

I have slightly change the column about this month and instead of doing the step by step break down of ‘how to achieve this style’ I have left it quite free for you guys to experiment with little tips instead.